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Denham the Jeanmaker

Forward Fashion in Amsterdam

Denham the Jeanmaker was founded in Amsterdam in 2008 by Jason Denham, an English jean maker with an obsession for premium quality denim. The brand offers a full range of collections for men and women including outerwear, tops, bottoms, accessories and — of course — denim.

Denhan the Jeanmaker

More About Denham’s

Denham’s Amsterdam roots have remained a key element in its signature aesthetic, brand identity and inspirations. In addition to its headquarters and design studio on the Prinsengracht canal, it has opened a unique cluster of stores and denim bars in the “9 Streets” neighbourhood. Their shop in the city center is a concept shop whit “coffee corner” that showcases the Jason Denham Collection of premium wardrobe essentials.

The various shop locations

Jason denham collection Store & Coffee Corner, Prinsengracht 531

Men’s Store, Prinsengracht 495

Men’s Denim bar, Runstraat 18

Women’s Store & Denim bar, Runstraat 15 & 17


Denham the Jeanmaker


Runstraat 15, Amsterdam



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