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Concept Stores in Amsterdam

If cool concept stores in Amsterdam don’t make you happy, we don’t know what will. Whether you are looking for a cool gift for yourself or someone else; concept stores in Amsterdam always have something awesome for you to buy! What is better than a store owned by people with a passion for finding unique hand-made gifts or a store that is full of 100% vegan items. Or a restaurant that is a store at the same time? Concept stores are enjoyed by everyone, even people that generally don’t like to shop. In honor of these stores, we present our favorite concept stores in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam is full of Concept Stores and when you are new to the city choices can seem a bit overwhelming. Not to worry though, here at Hello Amsterdam we make it our business to know what is up. To assist you during your stay in the ecity we’ve carefully curated a list of concept stores in Amsterdam.

We obviously wouldn’t leave you without some tips on concept stores in Amsterdam. A visit to the romantic boutique ‘t Winkeltje is going to be worth your while. They offer everything from fashionable new products to antiques and curiosa, is the closest you’ll get to a nineteenth century shopping experience. Het Winkeltje’s interior is breathtaking, its service unparalleled and the offerings endless. Hutspot is a chic concept store that has created its own shopping experience, combining design and open workspaces with shopping. Their assortment is ever changing, but in general they offer everything from clothing and jewelry to art and furniture. Hartje Oost is the ideal mix of coffee bar and shopping. You can enjoy a nice cup of coffee while browsing the merchandise. You can find clothes, electronics and all types of home décor products. All the products have a real story and are made with love.

Even if you don’t like shopping we would like to encourage you to give concept stores in Amsterdam a go. With so many stores, there must be one you like!