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Claudia Sträter – Kalverstraat

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Effortless chic. That is what you will discover in the authentic and in-detail finished collection of Claudia Sträter. The elegant style, superb fit and clean cut characterizes this brand of Dutch soil. Pure Dutch design it is. Fashion should underline the personality and provide sufficient leeway for individual interpretation. Claudia Sträter translates international fashion trends in a characteristic way to a clearly recognizable signature. Women wearing Claudia Sträter are self-conscious, active, dynamic and busy in their professional and private life. Quality and functionality are obvious for the customer. This season collection characteristics are strong silhouettes, rich fabrics and versatile fashion themes. Be inspired by the tight cut suits, perfectly fitting dresses and classy tops. Welcome to Claudia Sträter!


Claudia Sträter


Kalverstraat 179 - 181, Amsterdam



+31 (0)20 627 07 08


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