Best Italian Restaurants Amsterdam, 22 amazing choices for 2018

Italian Restaurants in Amsterdam

Looking for an Italian restaurant in Amsterdam? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Hello Amsterdam we make it our business to know the best Italian restaurants in Amsterdam. Please scroll through our wide selection of restaurants to find the one that fits your needs.
Whether you are craving pasta, pizza or a full family style Italian meal, we have the restaurant that fits your need. Oh, and don’t expect to see Italian wedding soup or Alfredo sauce on the menu. These are all American inventions and Italian restaurants in Amsterdam generally don’t serve them.

Italian Cuisine

A traditional Italian dinner can take a while. In Italy they believe that food is a celebration and should be cherished. Therefore, they leave long gaps between the courses and that tradition has blown over to some of the restaurants here. Check this on beforehand with the Italian Restaurant if you are in a hurry but still crave Italian food. Italian food is also so much more than just pasta and pizza’s. When you have the chance, go for a traditional 4-course dinner that also serves delicious meat and fish dishes. And don’t forget to save some bread. In the Italian kitchen bread is used as a sponge to clean your plate of any sauces and oils after dinner. You shouldn’t pass up on this delicious way of cleaning your plate.

Best Italian restaurant Amsterdam

A proper bowl of pasta is all you need sometimes. Creating the ultimate pasta dish is a mission that PastaPasta has embraced with a most appetizing degree of know-how. All pastas are authentically made and have a sublime melt-in-the-mouth texture. In the mood for a more traditional dinner? Lucca Due is a charming Italian restaurant and pizzeria, located in an old monumental building. They serve real Italian cuisine, using the highest quality ingredients. Vegetarians will also be able to tantalize their taste buds as they serve a wide variety of vegetarian dishes.

Whatever you are having tonight, we hope you enjoy the wide selection of Italian restaurants in Amsterdam.