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Dirty Chicken Club

For everyone who loves a good piece of chicken

Who doesn´t like a piece of chicken from time to time? The Dirty Chicken Club in Amsterdam answers your poultry cravings in a stylish and jummy way. The restaurant is located on the Warmoestraat, in the middle of Amsterdam’s Red Light District (see our guide for more tips in this neighborhood). The restaurant is owned by chef Justin Brown who also owns The Bao Kitchen, the bao bun paradise in Amsterdam.

What to order at the Dirty Chicken Club

At the Dirty Chicken Club you can order chicken, obviously, in the form of a dirty chicken burger, Thom Kha Kai soup or a Korean fried chicken. But that is not all, they also serve a mean cocktail or an exciting freak shake! For people that aren’t in the mood for chicken they also serve regular burgers or briskets.


Dirty Chicken Club


Warmoesstraat 35, Amsterdam




Red Light District

Red Light District

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Welcome to the Red Light District one of the most famous neighborhoods in the city. People hearing about the district instantly thing of sleazy bars and women of the night, but the neighborhood has much more to offer!

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