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Located in a trendy part of Amsterdam West, you’ll find this Japanese restaurant with a fresh, hip interior, an easy-going vibe and a mysterious name. In English there’s a saying about always having “room for dessert”, even after you’ve declared you just can’t eat another bite. The Japanese actually have a word for it, BetsuBara, which literally means “separate stomach”.

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At Restaurant BetsuBara you’ll need that extra room to fit everything you’ll want to try, from umami-rich Japanese street foods like ramen soup, soba noodles and some of the city’s best gyoza to Japanese-inspired cocktails like the signature Matcha Mule and cult classics like Neko Jusu, a drink with orange and ginger.

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Some absolute favorites on the menu are the Duck Soba noodles in a spicy orange dressing with fried duck breast, the Pan Fried Chicken Gyoza’s (or the veggie ones) and the Apple Gyoza with white sesame ice cream. A cocktail to go with that and we can guarantee you’ll have an amazing dinner!




Jan Pieter Heijestraat 137, Amsterdam


Opening Hours

Tuesday - Sunday 5:00 – 10:00 p.m.


Westergasfabriek Terrace


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Amsterdam West is one of the districts you must visit in the city. Find our guide to this interesting and thriving part of town right here!

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