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Sunday Night Live at Boom Chicago

a laid-back comedy experience

Sunday Night Live is the Sunday concept at Boom Chicago. These nights are very different from the other nights. The Sundays are a bit more mellow without losing its edge, making it the perfect spot to be entertained on a lazy Sunday evening.

This is Sunday Night Live at Boom Chicago!

Each Sunday Night Live show is truly one of a kind in a way even our other shows aren’t. During these nights they perform longer stories, scenes and songs are that are not just inspired by suggestions from the audience but also by each other. That means that even if the starting line is the same, the show will go in places that previous shows have just never gone. If you want to experience some unique improv comedy in Amsterdam, Sunday Night Live is the comedy show you should visit.


Boom Chicago


Rozengracht 117,


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Boom Chicago

Boom Chicago

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Boom Chicago is an awesome live stand-up comedy venue right in the Jordaan. There is always something new going on: new shows, new actors, new parties or new projects. One thing stays the same though, a fun filled night full of great comedy. English Stand-up Comedy at Boom Chicago Their English language shows appeal to …

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