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Exhibition: Treasury! at the Hermitage Amsterdam

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2019 marks the 10th anniversary of the Hermitage Amsterdam. They celebrate this anniversary with a year of special activities and two big jubilee exhibitions. The first, Treasury!, will open its doors on February 2nd and showcases a selection of masterpieces from the St Petersburg State Hermitage collection. Expect amazing works from the likes of Da Vinci, Matisse, Fabre and Rembrandt, just to name a few. Next to painted master pieces, expect a selection of books, arms and armor, ancient manuscripts and contemporary art.

treasury exhibition hermitage amsterdam

Treasury! will be a bolt collection of masterpieces, ancient works from Egypt and antique objects from all over the world. The oldest piece dates all the way back to 23,000 BC. The outstanding works are from both widely differing times as they are from different cultures and countries. The hermitage will present all art in a playful and surprising way, inviting visitors to have an open minded attitude towards the pieces.

Have a look on their website for more information. The exhibition can be seen from 2 February until 25 August 2019.

Editor: Nina van Wijk


Hermitage Amsterdam


Amstel 51,

Start Date

02 February 2019

End Date

25 August 2019


Opening Hours

10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Location info

Hermitage Amsterdam

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The Hermitage Amsterdam is the largest branch of the world-famous Hermitage of St Petersburg. The museum is located along the Amstel River in the historic Amstelhof building. The Hermitage is situated in the Amstelhof, this historic building dates back to the Dutch golden age and used to serve as a retirement home until 2007. When …

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