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Culture in Amsterdam

When you thing of visiting Amsterdam, cultural activities might not be high on the to-do list. Many tourists come here for something a little less deep than cultural activities in Amsterdam. A shame, really! Because Amsterdam is so much more than the party capital of Europe. A simple walk through the city already shows you the remainders of a rich history. Even the world-famous canals have their own story to tell. But not only the city centre is full of culture, even the outskirts of the city have various cultural activities to offer. Some have to do with Dutch culture, while others are centered around a sub-culture or one of the 180 different cultural backgrounds that reside in the city. There are plenty of cultural activities in Amsterdam, you just have to know where to find them.

Our suggestion of cultural activities

Here at Hello Amsterdam we make it our business to know all kinds of cultural activities in Amsterdam. On this page, we post all kinds of cool things to see and do when it comes to cultural activities. Whatever cultural activity in Amsterdam you are going to undertake, we hope you enjoy it!

Dutch Culture

And of course, we can’t let you leave without a little information on the “Dutch culture”. In Amsterdam alone there are over 180 different cultural backgrounds. This means that there is not one “Dutch culture”. The country is a melting-pot of various cultures that live close -very close- together in this small country. One thing that goes for almost all of them? We are down to earth, straight forward and we love to bike! The prettiest cities aren’t car-friendly at all, so be ready to take out your bike if you really want to experience the Netherlands in the way it was supposed to.