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Art Exhibitions in Amsterdam

Whoever thought that Amsterdam is just for the partygoers must have never been to the city. There is loads of Art exhibitions in Amsterdam. You only need to know where to look for it. So, forget about the hen/ bachelor parties, the red-light district, the drugs and the partying. And get to know the Art exhibitions in Amsterdam.

From small and independent galleries to the big museums in the city, there is always a new exhibition going on somewhere. Some big with over 100 pieces, others small with only 3 delicate pieces. Here at Hello Amsterdam we aim to mention them all on our website. So please check out our carefully curated list and find the one that peaks your interest.

Where to find the art exhibitions in Amsterdam

With ever changing collections we cannot give you a must-visit list. You can keep an eye on the website to stay in the loop and find out where the latest art exhibitions are. Below we have listed some of the galleries and museums that usually have interesting art exhibitions going on.

The Cobra Art Company works with established artists and photographers from around the world to create a changing collection of modern art, photography and sculpture. By combining special materials like liquid gloss, metal paint and resin, with an eye for colour and detail. At the Photography museum FOAM you find iconic work from famous photographers and work from upcoming artists. Visit the Hermitage Amsterdam for beautiful artwork from the Hermitage Collection. Here you find old Dutch grandmasters and in their sub-museum outsider-art museum you find beautiful and unique outsider art pieces. Huis Marseille is another photography museum that shows artistic and contemporary photos. The Amsterdam Street Art Museum has the largest “collection” of street art that is ever changing because of the development of the city. Their collection isn’t indoors though, discover Amsterdam street art with one of their knowledgeable street art guides. The Kahmann Gallery revolves around photography and shows a beautiful mix between between vintage and contemporary photos, with 6 expositions a year there is always something new going on. At Gallery Iris & Schriek you will find the interesting work of Marc Chagall, the Jewish- French artist with Belarusian roots.