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Restaurant As is the hotspot hidden in the Beatrix Park. This insider’s favourite is located in a lovely, round church in the Park. On the terrace overlooking a lovely pond, Restaurant As consistently delivers exciting organic veggie dishes. Nothing goes to waste here as they serve and use animal products with a nose-to-tail eating concept. Its great ambiance and outside kitchen make lunch or dinner an even greater experience. With beautiful weather we recommend visiting a tad early as the terrace can get a bit crowded. Visit Restaurant as for a great outdoor meal with friends or family.

More about Restaurant As

Restaurant As is about cooking in its purest form. That means that they want to respectfully show the circle of life. They offer an appealing selection of dishes that are largely determined by nature. Changes in the season and climate are reflected in their menu.

Opening hours

The TerrAs at Restaurant As is open every day of the week and closes around midnight. On Tuesdays to Fridays and Sundays the opening time is at 12.00 and on Monday and Saturday they open at 6 PM.


Restaurant As


Pr. Irenestraat 19, Amsterdam



+31 (0)20 644 01 00



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